eBay’s Future Competitor

I wanted to update everone. I’ve been hard at work, programing the future competitor to eBay. I must say I’ve put in a lot of work, and plan to continue doing so. I still have a lot more work to go, but should have it complete soon ūüôā

If you have any questions leave me a comment and I will get back with you.


With programming development now started on eBay’s Future Competitor, I’m fully aware of the complexity of the road ahead. Last night, as I sat in deep thought, I wondered what could I do to offer a unique opportunity to the future users of our website.

Then it hit me. Why not allow the users who’re active with the website, the opportunity to have ownership in the company? I guess you could look at it like a possible stock option.

Though I haven’t spoke with an attorney about this yet, I wanted to open the idea to you, the potential users. How would you feel if you were allowed ownership in a service, based upon your buyer/seller activity with the website?

Programming development has begun with eBay’s Future Competitor. Strong, secure programing is being focused on heavily during the development of the website. Though it will take time to develop, test and further develop, we’re continuing for the goal to challenge eBay.

Though solutions take time to develop, we want to make our launch into the market a strong one. Wanted to keep everyone updated. Have a great day!!!

As a person who loves a challenge, I look forward to the road ahead. Becoming eBay’s future competitor will be no small task. It’s going to take a lot of time and hard work. With that said, I’m dedicated to my goal of becoming eBay’s strongest competitor in history. The other day I read on AuctionBytes.com about eBay suspending a number of seller accounts reportedly in error. Lately eBay, along with PayPal, have had some serious glitches. I feel that the continued glitches and loops in their security will be a big part of eBay’s downfall.

I’m focusing on providing a service to users that is cost effective, dedicated to customer service and most importantly…SECURE!!! I would like to start compiling a list of people who would like to be beta testers when we open the website up for testing. If you’re interested please leave a comment in this blog, and I will contact you.

At the New Hampshire House Executive Departments and Administration committee hearing, an¬†eBay¬†attorney¬†stated that it’s user agreement with it’s 222 millions registered users is set to change in 2007. eBay will discontinue all reference to eBay as a “auction” website.

eBay claims that with the changes to it’s User Agreement, that it will no¬†longer advertise themselves as an auction or auction company and will discontinue the use of the word “auction” from their online and paper advertising.

eBay will require¬†that anyone accepting consignments for auction who holds themselves out to be an auctioneer, who participates in auctioneering or who advertises that they sell at auction for a fee must comply with relevant state statutes, especially licensing.”

MY PO: From my viewpoint looks like eBay’s days may¬†possibly be numbered.

I recently read an article titled “IRS urged to go after eBay sellers,” which mentioned the possibility of a proposal that would require¬†eBay¬†to collect taxpayer identification numbers from clients (sellers)¬†and report their sales of personal property to the IRS on a 1099 form if sales¬†surpassed 100 transactions or more than $5,000 annually.

Personally, I’m 50/50 on this issue. I know that requiring users to submit their taxpayer identifcation number would help in verifying users, as well as¬†preventing, detecting & locating fraud, BUT would also scare off current & potential sellers. Auction giants like eBay can not survive without sellers.

I can see where the IRS is coming from on this issue. There are thousands, if not, millions of people who make a living off eBay, which the IRS believes (if true at all) that a very small percent claim this income on their taxes. I strongly feel that if you make a living, or operate a business (domestic or commercial) that you should pay your taxes.

What I want to know is:

  1. How do you feel on this issue?
  2. How would you react to online auctions sites that mandated the need of this information?

I look forward to reading your comments.

As you are aware, I’m currently developing a eBay competitor. There are many things that I’m strongly working on, which I wanted to give you some insight as to some of the current solutions I’ve developed.

My solutions have been developed around the faults of eBay, which I’ve developed solutions for the following:

  1. Fees
  2. Customer Service
  3. User Verification
  4. Account Hacking/Hijacking
  5. Phishing Emails
  6. Snipe Bidding
  7. Shill Bidding
  8. 2nd Chance Fraud
  9. Feedback

I still have many more solutions to generate. I’m doing my due diligence to successfully launch a website that can potentially knock eBay off their high horse. My goals are to offer a safe online auction¬†venue, that protects both the buyers & sellers, while being cheaper in cost.